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Have you got an interesting article to share that might benefit other snailfarming business owners?

It does’nt only have to be about snailfarming alone… you might want to share something about owning and running a business or about your recent success in the snail farming business…

Why not send it in? is excited to have small business owners and people with practical experience of snailFarming Business submit articles to appear on our site!

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1. You will get Exposure for your business. Getting your content published on an authority site like this means more people will see it.

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1. You must be the original author of the article. This means no PLR or outsourced articles.

2. Your article must not be previously published anywhere else. We keep the reader in mind and want to provide them with original content, ideas, and solutions that are not available anywhere else.

3. Your article body must be a minimum of 300 words (this excludes the title and author bio box). We recommend that it not exceed 600 words in most cases because this is less SEO friendly and generally not correctly keyword or topically focused.

4. Your article must be non-promotional in nature. You may promote yourself in the Author Bio section.

5. The Author Bio section should be brief, about 25 to 50 words in length, and may include a URL. Bios should be added at the end of the article.

6. Author profile picture – You must have uploaded a photo to your expert profile or e-mail a photo for us to upload for you. This is important! If you write a great article and we want to put it on the front page, we want to see a nice photo of you. This will help keep the homepage looking nice and full.

7. The article must meet our quality expectations. We reserve the right to not post an article that we feel does not offer sufficient value to the community.


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