Breeding Snails – How To Further Reduce Your Cost Of Breeding Snails

Breeding snails even on a commercial basis does not have to be draining financially.

You can practice some simple measures to reduce your cost…

You will be surprised at how much you could save in cost by implementing simple measures in your snail breeding business

Here are 10 simple measures you can start practicing immediately when breeding snails

1. Try Housing only one type of snails together.

2. Construct the play pens for your snails using suitable materials that are local to you. You can use woren…. instead of corrygated iron which might be quite expensive to someone on a low income.

3. Do not over stock adults snails to more than 15-25 snails per m2¬† .¬† Not only do you risk damage to your nail stock…. apparently the rate of growth also slows down when overpopulation occurs

4. Do everything you can to protect any of the predators access to the pen.

5. Choose a suitable site that is close to the materials you need.

Breeeding Snails - Snail Farm

Breeding Snails (Photo credit: canong2fan)

6. Work closely with other experienced snail breeding owners and get yourself educated  (you will find loads of resources on

7. Keep away poisonous chemicals like salt.

8. Give your snails the right amount of food in the right quantity.

9. Take every precaution to control the temperature & humidity of your snail pen.

10. Feed your snails as much as they want ….the more they feed the quicker they grow.

Taking theses simple measures will go a long way in reducing your cost when breeding snail.

Breeding Snails – How To Further Reduce Your Cost Of Breeding Snails

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