Escargots & Mushrooms….umm yummy!!

  Lovely escargot and mushroom meal. Watch this funny clip on how to quickly put together an escargot and mushroom meal. Chef Christophe uses humor to teach you what can be done with escargots   From Snail Farming Business, post Escargots & Mushrooms….umm yummy!! COPYRIGHT NOTICE: Your use of the content provided on this site […]

Giant-Snail farming in Nigeria The next big thing?

The harvesting of snails as a delicacy has traditionally been synonymous with countries such as France and Italy.

But for one savvy entrepreneur in Nigeria, a giant version of the meaty mollusc is helping him tap into a market he says can generate high profits with little initial outlay.

Snails – How To Cook Snails From Your Snail Farm

Gordon Ramsay visits a British snail farm and shows how to prepare ordinary garden snails for eating.

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