The Advantages Of Rearing Snails Using The Indoor System Of Snail Farming

The type of snail you are planing to raise and the target market you are rasing snails to supply to will ultimately affect the method of rearing snails you decide to use.

The size of your wallet also affects the system you decide to use to raise your snails.

One key method used by a those of snail farmers especially in the developing countries is the Indoor System Of Snail Farming.

Commercial Snail Farming: Understanding The World Market For Snails

One of the most important things you need to be successful in any business is a good understanding of the market place and it is no different in the snail farming industry.

If you are contemplating going into snail farming on a commercial scale including importing and exporting to other countries then one thing that will give you immediate competitive advantage is the knowledge of the global snail market.

This report has been put together for strategic planners, international executives and import/export managers who are concerned with the market for snails.

With the globalization of the snail market, you can no longer be contented with just a local view of the snail farming market. This report will …

Raising Snails: key Advantages Of Using The Pasture Production System For Raising Snails

How do you make more money as a snail farmer?

The answer is by taking good care of your snails.

The more you care about the welfare of your snail livestock … the more money you are likely to make from your role as a snail farmer.

By protecting the primary needs of your snail and by allowing them to live according to their nature … the more you get from your snails

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Snail farming Business: Success Stories In Cameroon (Part 2)

This is part 2 of an earlier article.

The income from the sale of snails has boasted the self esteem of many snail farmers across Cameroon in West Africa who are delighted to tell their story of self reliant,

Find out more about what they have to say

Snail Farming Business: Success Stories In Cameroon (Part 1)

Recently, snail farming has become affordable for the thousands of poor farm families living in the fringes of cities in Cameroon.

Read… how the cameroonians are now taking advantage of the opportunities available…

Snail Farming In Nigeria – A Success Story

One of the success stories of snail farming in Nigeria

Businessman Ismail AbdulAzeez shows what he has been able to achieve with snail farming.

AbdulAzeez is quick to point out the potential that start ups such as his own could have in helping other young entrepreneurs climb their way out of poverty.

An encouraging word for Nigerians that it is possible to earn a living from snail farming.

Organic Snail Farming: Growing Your Snails For Your Snail Farm Organically

Thinking of getting into organic snail farming?

You will find a series of videos clips uploaded by rossos 100 showing some video clips of an organic snail farm.

Raising Snails – Video Clip Of The Helix Aspersa Muller In Action

A short video documentary uploaded by Dr Adrian TW captures the Helix Aspersa Muller snail in action.

Experiments that have been conducted show that snails that are raised at an optimal number per square meter tend to eat more and grow faster.

The video also shows one of the snails becoming a victim of a predator. a key fact that any snail farm owner will have to look out for when managing their own farms

Heres the clip:

Organic Snail Farming & Management – Using Synergy To Grow Your Snail Farming Business

The business of organic snail farming is much more than just growing snails.

As a business owner you need to be aware of the numerous possibilities that you can have in the snail farming business.

Here is a short video clip showing another side of organic snail farming business.

The video also gives an insight into relationships that help move a business forward.

Here a company specialising in assisting the set up of organic snail farming activities combine forces with a young student with expertise in regulations and marketing in the organic sector thus helping the company in a practical way

Let me not give too much away…

watch the video and see what you too can learn from the clip as an snail farming business owner